‘Dump Trump’ offer proving a big hit for Derry cafe

Cafe Soul is offering a very special deal for US customers.
Cafe Soul is offering a very special deal for US customers.

A Derry city centre cafe has been receiving rave reviews from diners- and it’s not just the food and drink that’s been going down a treat.

‘Cafe Soul’ in Guildhall Street has also been getting a positive reaction after posting up a special offer for American customers on its window.

The humorous message reads: “American visitors? 10% off if you Dump Trump”.

The offer refers to the campaign to prevent Republican nominee Donald Trump becoming the next President of the United States of America in the general election there later this year.

And ‘Cafe Soul’ manager Kiera Duddy said that it has proved a real hit with many visitors to the city as well as local people, garnering tweets and re-tweets as well as Facebook likes and shares.

“We’re all for Dump Trump”, she laughs. “It’s a bit of banter and a bit of craic.

“We’ve even had people here getting their photo taken with it.”

Kiera said with the summer season well under way they were getting a lot of American and other tourists through the doors and it has been a good talking point.

The ‘Dump Trump’ window follows on from another creative master stroke from the Cafe Soul team, who during the Euro 16 football championship had painted on the window message ‘Good Luck Ireland North and South, We Swing Both Ways’.

This message also proved a big hit with customers and passers-by.