Everglades staff stay positive and pay tribute to Daisy Duck

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While there were thankfully no human casualties from last week’s firebomb attack at Derry’s Everglades Hotel, it has been revealed that ‘Daisy Duck’ - the hotel’s giant yellow mascot - met her demise in the blaze.

Staff at the hotel took to Facebook yesterday to pay tribute to Daisy - proving that while the staff have battled the odds to get the hotel up and running again as quickly as possible, they have retained their sense of humour.

Writing on the social media site yesterday a representative of the hotel said it was a ‘quacking shame’ that ‘Daisy the duck is no longer with us’.

“For those of you who knew her, Daisy, who oversaw many events in the hotel from her position of power on the reception desk, was great quack and had an eventful life at the Everglades Hotel. Last year, as the City of Culture Duck she mingled with celebrities who talked to her, tweeted her and photographed her throughout the year.

“Then she had her feathers ruffled when she survived a duck knapping ordeal and was taken by plane to Sussex!

“It was only with the help of the press, social media, Aer Lingus, and a local politician that we managed to track her down and bring her safely back home to Northern Ireland!

“Just a few weeks ago Daisy embarked on a new adventure. She underwent some extensive cosmetic surgery to turn her into a beautiful purple 2014 Music City Duck!

“We know Daisy was very proud of her new makeover and was very much looking forward to sharing the great quack she was going to experience at Music City events with you all.”

The hotel added that they hoped Daisy would remain in our thoughts.

Of course the post garnered a number of witty responses. One reader summed it up though when she posted: “I never got the chance to meet her but it’s clear the world is a poorer place without her. Fly free little duck.”