‘Letter from America’ lifts pensioner’s spirits

The letter containing the dollars which was sent to Mrs Brennan.
The letter containing the dollars which was sent to Mrs Brennan.

A local woman has urged a Derry ex-pat, who sent her a letter and $100 after reading about how she was plagued by anti-social behaviour, to get in contact again.

The kind-hearted gesture was sent to 72-years-old Shantallow resident, Patsy Brennan by post, by a Derry native living in San Francisco, California.

The sender, who did not include a name, said he or she had read about Mrs Brennan’s plight on the ‘Journal’ website, young people having engaged in a long campaign of anti-social behaviour.

The ex-pat said he or she had left Derry around 50 years ago and was saddened to read about Mrs. Brennan’s experience. The sender also urged Mrs Brennan to use the $100 enclosed to spend some time in “beautiful Donegal.”

Mrs. Brennan said she was stunned to receive such a supportive letter.

In a message to the person she said: “I want to ask the kind person from San Francisco, who responded to an article in the Derry Journal on January 25, 2018, to please get in contact with me again by post so that I can extend my appreciation.”

She added: “I would love to know who it was who sent the letter so I could thank them. It is wonderful to think there are people like that. It was so nice of them to do that.”

However, rather than spend the money on herself, Mrs Brennan said she planned to donate it to Father Mongan at her local church, St. Brigid’s, Carnhill, so that it can go towards a good cause.

Mrs Brennan, who was widowed last year, had spoken out about a campaign of intimidation and abuse she has suffered at her home of 45 years. It is understood that work undertaken following pledges by various authorities and agencies to find a solution to the anti-social behaviour, is now having an impact in the area.