Masoom has green tan mishap - but he’s no Incredible Sulk

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Although disappointed over a “green tan” malfunction, Derry IFBB professional bodybuilder Masoom Butt is no incredible sulk.

He may have ended up a similar colour to the character famously portrayed by former Mr Olympia competitor Lou Ferrigno but Derry’s answer to the Incredible Hulk certainly contained his anger a little better than the cartoon character when he lost out in Toronto last weekend. The Pakistani was representing Northern Ireland but didn’t expect to turn up in the Irish colour and earned just a ninth place finish in the Toronto Pro Supershow.

“I burned badly in Toronto, I was out of the top six and it was very disappointing. My tan colour somehow turned a greenish/grey due to the Toronto humidity and it cost me big time. I placed ninth out of 23 competitors in the line up. I changed my tan for the evening show and I was perfect but the judges told me that I lost too many points because of the bad tan to make them up again.”

In professional bodybuilding tanning is a key element in accentuating the pristine condition of the competitors. But Masoom had never before encountered such a “horrible” malfunction.

“Something like this has never happened me and I’ve been bodybuilding most of my life. The tan messed up big time. It was fine when it was applied before the show but the drive took an hour in 30 degree heat and high humidity, and it turned greenish, yellowish, grey colour. It was all wrong.”

However, the 40 year-old pro - who won the Mr Asia title at 21 and was later banned from competing by the Pakistani Bodybuilding Federation over what he called “personal grudges” - remains firmly focussed on competing in the prestigious Mr Olympia contest this September. “I was assured by some one from the Olympia organisation that I have done enough to qualify despite burning in Toronto.” But he plans to compete in the Chicago Show of Strength to go into the famous contest on a high. “I didn’t deserve to be out of the top six in Toronto regardless of the tan as I have beaten those guys in the past and I’m in better shape now.”