Dog story.
Dog story.

A four-month old dog has made a “miracle recovery” after being brought to a Limavady vet on its “death bed”, according to a North West animal shelter.

The black Labrador, pictured below, was brought to the Roe Valley Veterinary Clinic in a “lifeless” state last Tuesday, according to Maggie Dimsdale-Bobby of Causeway Coast Dog Rescue (CCDR).

“The dog was so lethargic, totally dehydrated, just lifeless,” Ms Dimsdale Bobby told the ‘Journal’. “It was in a desperate state and I thought there was no way it could be saved, but thanks to vet Rachael Forgie it’s made a miracle recovery. When the dog was brought in, it was basically on its death bed. It was really suffering and in serious pain, but Rachael did fantastic work and we owe her a huge ‘thank you’.”

The group posted frequent updates about the dog on their Facebook page over the weekend, attracting dozens of messages from well-wishers for a speedy recovery.

Speaking yesterday, Ms Dimsdale-Bobby said the dog is now consuming fluids and food and will be back in their care shortly.

“We are all amazed at this wee pup’s will to live,” said Ms Dimsdale-Bobby, who explained initially it was suspected the dog had been poisoned but now it is believed the cause of sickness was a viral infection.

Now CCDR are hoping to find a good home for the dog.

“We’re thinking of a name for the dog and, so far, some people have suggested the name ‘Hope’,” said Ms Dimsdale-Bobby. “She will be available for adoption so if you think you can offer our wee fighter a forever home let us know. Thank you to everyone for their continued support.”

For information contact CCDR on 07595 602 702 or visit their Facebook page to find out more about the charity and how to support its work.