Mystery surrounds old family photo - can you help?

The Ward family photograph, but who are the two girls?
The Ward family photograph, but who are the two girls?

Bogside woman Mary Ward (Nee Barret) has; “No idea where this photo has come from or who is in it” but is appealing to the Derry public for help in identifying the two girls photographed.

Mary told the ‘Journal:’ “Someone gave it to me when I was reseaching our family tree but I can’t remember who. That was some time ago and I found it in an envelope recently.

“The thing is the girl on the right is the spitting image of my daughter Frances. “Frances is a twin already but that is the image of her. The girls in the picture look as though it was perhaps their First Communion and as though they were affluent.”

Mary admitted that researching her family tree proved difficult; “And we didn’t get too far.”

“I know that my grandad was killed in World War I. His name was Jim Barrett and he came from Co. Tyrone Earl of Caledon. He was a Non Commissioned officer and we thought he was killed in the Somme but we learned he died before that battle. My Granny brought him into Abbey St. but we don’t really know where he is buried. My other grandfather was Jim McColgan from the Waterside.”

Mary’s parents were Bobby and Bridget Barrett.

Eighty-five year old Mary, who has 22 grandchildren and eight great grandchildren said of the mystery photograph: “The whole house has tried to date the photograph but it could have been taken at any time in the last 60 years.”

“I think it was a Mr. Moran who gave it to me, my granny was a Moran so maybe it came from that side of the family.”