Owner’s appeal over little dog lost in the storms

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A man caught up in the floods which devastated the north west has appealed for help in tracking down his pet dog after she went missing on Tuesday night.

Jamie Gallagher from Carndonagh in Inishowen said he is hopeful his dog Rusty may have be sheltering somewhere or someone has taken her in.



Rusty has not been seen since the thunderstorms which wreaked havoc across the region on Tuesday night.

Jamie himself was trapped upstairs and had to be rescued by the Fire Brigade after four to five feet of flood waters rushed into his home at Millbrae Heights in the town.

The Donegal man rescued little Rusty, a rust coloured Jack Russell-type dog with a white patch on her chest, from the dog pound in Derry and said she gets very anxious during thunder and lightning.

“She is usually in the house but sometimes she’ll go outside but she doesn’t go far at all. She’d just sit at the door.

“On Tuesday she was outside the house and I was with someone in town. There was no real sign of the weather that came later, but then when the thunder and lightning kicked off said I’d have to go home as the dog will be going mad. She goes insane, she is completely against it altogether.

“I thought the dog would be sitting there or hiding there somewhere, but she wasn’t there, but I thought she’d turn up. She was there that morning but wasn’t there that evening.

“I put a film on and was eating supper and the water started coming in through the doors and then all of a sudden it just became madness.”

Jamie tried to get out of the house but had to retreat upstairs.

“The current came up far higher than anyone was expecting. The water was even coming out of the toilets downstairs. I was upstairs and couldn’t get out. The level was up four or five feet and the power of it was fierce. Outside there were fences and sheds going past.

“The fire brigade got to me about 5 o’clock.”

Jamie was then rescued and the next morning he tried to find Rusty again but there was no sign of her.

“Some people were saying a dog might go away for a few days and come back again. Apparently they can go a great distance trying to avoid thunder and lightning. I’m hoping she was picked up somewhere or found shelter in a shed or somewhere.

“I’d like to know either way what happened to her. Everything else can be replaced, but the dog would be the main thing.”

Rusty was wearing a brown collar on Tuesday.

Anyone who knows where Rusty might be is asked to please call Jamie on 0857895064.