Speed bumps installed at City Cemetery

Speed bumps at the cemetery.
Speed bumps at the cemetery.

Derry City Council (DCC) has been forced to install speed bumps at the City Cemetery because of fears over pedestrian safety.

The speed bumps are located in the part of the cemetery closest to the Lone Moor Road but The Sunday Journal understands that the council might consider installing them in other parts of the cemetery in the future.

One local funeral director, who asked not be named, said that speed bumps had already caused minor damage to one of his hearses.

“I am all for traffic calming measures but the new speed bumps have inflicted damage to a few of the exhausts on our hearses,” he said.

“The speed bumps are too high and it’s a sad state of affairs that the council have to introduce them for fear of people speeding around the cemetery.”

Another local funeral director who asked not be named said he thought the recent traffic calming measures were “a complete waste of ratepayers’ money”.

“If the council would actually enforce the speed limit in the cemetery we wouldn’t have this problem. It’s a complete waste of rate payers’ money.”

A spokesperson for DCC confirmed to The Sunday Journal that traffic calming measures were installed at the City Cemetery as part of the recently completed extension to the burial ground.

“As the access road to the new extension adjoins the main avenue of the cemetery, these measures were introduced to limit vehicle speeds and improve driver and pedestrian safety on the avenue. The scheme was designed in consultation with our strategic partners at the City Cemetery.”