Vicki smiling as old chairs are recovered

Vicky Perston collects her chair from Bedlam's Mark Kenny.
Vicky Perston collects her chair from Bedlam's Mark Kenny.
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At the time the Derry Journal reported that Vicki Perston losing a precious set of chairs with sentimental value was no laughing matter.

But the local woman is smiling again after an appeal run by this newspaper has led to their recovery.

Derry woman Vicki came forward a few weeks ago appealing for the return of two chairs which were accidentally donated to a charity shop.

Her mum had promised to keep the chairs for Vicki when she decided to do some redecorating, but the day the charity van came to collect the old furniture they were donated by accident.

It was a story similar to one that ran in the sitcom Frasier in which the central character gets rid of his father’s old recliner. Much hilarity ensured in his attempts to retrieve it .

Just like Frasier, Vicki was desperate to track the chairs down.

“I have so many family memories which include those chairs,” she said.

“I opened my Christmas presents in them every year. My earliest memories are being a child and swivelling around in them. We played cards sitting in those chairs. They were a big part of my life.”

After the appeal ran in the Journal, the new owners of the chairs came forward.

It emerged that Mark Kenny of Bedlam had bought both chairs from the charity shop.

However by the time he read the story in the Journal he had already sold one of them.

Mark contacted the paper and agreed to return the chair he still had to Vicki.

Just days after that the Journal were contacted by Karen and Decky who had bought the chair from Mark.

Karen explained that Decky had always wanted to have one of the swinvel chairs but when he read Vicki’s story he just knew he couldn’t hold on to it.

“I now have the two chairs back here,” said Vicki.

“I now live in Scotland and Vincent Kelly is picking them up and bringing them over to me,

I never thought we would get them back, especially both of them.

“They will have pride of place in my house. Thank you to everyone who helped to find them. I’ve since found out they were made by Linton and Robinson years and years ago so I’ve learned something about them during all of this.

“Decky really liked the chair and found it difficult to part with and I’d love it if we could find him something similar. If anyone knows where we could get one please contact the Journal.”