Oil thieves target Inishowen

AS the temperatures drop and the reality of the Budget cuts hit home, Gardai in Inishowen are warning homeowners to be extra vigilant

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ Superintendent Kevin English from Buncrana Gardai Station said although the theft of oil is not a major issue in comparison to last year, that people still need to take every precaution to avoid it happening to them.

While insurers and Gardai urge people to lock tanks, another Inishowen man said often having a lock on a tank can be counter-productive as a steel lock on a plastic tank would not be a big enough deterrent.

“If a thief sets out to steal your oil a lock will not stop them. They could easily put a hole in a plastic tank and steal it that way, thus causing a lot more added damage and cost to the homeowner.”

Despite this Sup English maintains locks are needed.

“There are a lot of people out there who still don’t have locks on their tanks and we will they are necessary to secure your tank for thieves.”

Supt. appealed to the owners of holiday homes, who don’t use their properties often, in the peninsula not to fill their tanks with oil and instead keep topping up now and again to make it harder for people to steal large amounts of the expensive substance.

On Moville resident who contacted the ‘Journal’ claimed they were robbed of the fuel from their tank just last week.

“I had just topped up with 500 litres and now there isn’t a drop in the tank.

“I’d say they made off with about 450l. That is a lot of money. 500 litres now is about 450 euro give or take a few euro, and nobody I know I can afford to have that stolen from them, especially in the mouth of Christmas.”