Oldham boss Kelly endures sectarian abuse

Derry man and new Oldham Athletic boss, Darren Kelly.
Derry man and new Oldham Athletic boss, Darren Kelly.

Derry man and new Oldham Athletic manager, Darren Kelly, was forced to delete his Twitter account after he was berated with sectarian abuse after sending a Tweet to Deputy First Minister and Mid Ulster MLA, Martin McGuinness.

Kelly, 35, is a former Derry City defender and was unveiled as the new Latics boss on Tuesday.

Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness, sent Kelly an innocent message over Twitter congratulating him on his appointment and included in one of Mr. McGuinness’ Tweet was a picture of the Mid Ulster MLA with Kelly’s mother.

Kelly replied by thanking McGuinness for posting the picture.

The photograph was taken on January 30 this year to mark the Bloody Sunday anniversary. Kelly’s uncle Michael was one of the 13 murdered by British paratroopers on the streets of Derry on January 30, 1972.

Some of the abuse levelled at Kelly was deplorable but some football fans jumped to the Derry man’s defence.

“Oldham fans mad with Darren Kelly (their new manager) for calling Martin McGuinness a “legend”. Probably be fine if it was Nigel Farage, mind,” Tweeted one fan.

“Anyone with a degree of intelligence will see this for what it is - sectarian abuse. I wish Darren the very best and can’t wait to see what he will do with Oldham next season,” added another.

Some Oldham Athletic reacted negatively to the Tweet sent by Kelly and have set-up a group page on Facebook titled ‘Sack IRA supporting Darren Kelly as Oldham Athletic manager’.