On your bike to see Derry sights

Sightseers are set to get on their bikes to explore Derry’s attractions.

From next week award winning tour operator Derry City Tours will be offering the city’s first ever bike tour.

The new tours will last up to to an hour and a half and take in many of the world famous Derry sites that visitors would expect to see and many that they wouldn’t and couldn’t see by foot or taxi in that time frame.

Derry City Tours owner and keen cyclist, Martin McCrossan, said: “It’s a unique experience because you can cover a larger area in a shorter amount of time by bike while still being able to get ‘up close and personal’ with the attractions, just as you would by foot. There’s also the health aspect and it’s an eco-friendly way to see the city.”

The idea for guided cycle tours of the city was one that both Martin and local cycle instructor Ross McGill had been thinking about for some time. With Martin’s experience of delivering high quality tours and Ross’s as a cycle instructor and knowledge of the local routes they bot h agreed it was worth a try.

Speaking about the new tours, Ross said: “We’ve specifically designed them so that anyone can join in from beginners to experts.

“Basically, if you know how to ride a bike you can take the tour.”

The tours will begin on April 21 and will leave from Derry Visitor and Convention Bureau. For more information on Derry City Bike Tours log on to www.derrycitytours.com