One law for me, another for them?

James McCabe alleges there are former members of the Gardai in Irishowen driving northern registered cars , there is also allegedly a public representative and a senior civil servant doing the same . But, unlike him, he says these people ‘are never touched’

A very angry Mr. McCabe, of Mulberry Avenue, Buncrana, who was recently convicted of a revenue offence in relation to his northern registered vehicle, said he was now asking the Revenue Commission publicly, ‘what’s the difference between them and me?’
Stating there was ‘clear evidence’ to support his assertions he has accused the revenue of ‘selective enforcement’ of Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT)

Mr McCabe said it was clear to him too ‘there was one law for them and one law for me.’

Yesterday a spokesperson for the Office of the Revenue Commission said: “For reasons of taxpayer confidentiality we cannot comment on individual cases.”

Speaking with the ‘the Journal’ earlier this week Mr.McCabe says he has been a victim of a sustained campaign of ‘ harassment and intimidation’ by Revenue officers.

The 45 year old Derry man is insistent he has a legitimate reason for having a northern registered car. He says he gave evidence against a loyalist some years back and was warned by police he was on a ‘hit’ list. As his work is in the north and he has to visit ‘sensitive’ areas he was concerned for his safety if it was noted he had a southern car.