One-man audience for gig

A concert at the Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre at the weekend went ahead despite there being just one person in the audience.

Staff at the Centre in Limavady carried on with the Katie and the Carnival and Suitcase Suzy gig despite the almost empty Danny Boy auditorium, which has a capacity for more than 200 people.

The ‘Journal’ understands four tickets were sold prior to the show, but those who bought didn’t attend on the night. The sole audience member was a man from Belfast who got his ticket on the night.

Paul Beattie, who works for Council and also does some voluntary photography work for the Arts Centre, was at the gig.

“To have one audience member is incredibly disappointing but what a show he got!I can only say that I know this event was extensively marketed and promoted - in the press, in social media and on both artists’ websites.”

SDLP councillor Michael Coyle believed it was the right decision to go ahead with the concert. “It shows people will pay big money to go to Belfast 
and Derry but seem unwilling to do so on their own doorstep.”

In stark contrast, the Arts Centre had a packed house the next evening for the ‘Four Men and A Dog’ gig and upcoming shows are sold out. Mr. Beattie added: “Friday’s attendance was definitely a disappointment, but, that said, it’s not the norm. “