One-way system call as residents ‘can’t cope’ - Colr.

Sinn Féin Councillor Sharon Duddy is to lobby the Department for Infrastructure to look at the possibility of introducing a one- way traffic system on Westland Avenue and Westland Terrace in the Bogside are of Derry.

Friday, 8th March 2019, 7:35 am
Updated Friday, 8th March 2019, 8:40 am
Westland Avenue.
Westland Avenue.

The call comes following complaints from local residents that something needs to be done to address ongoing parking problems in the area.

Councillor Duddy said: “I have been dealing with number of issues in the area and one of those most concerning for residents in both streets which they have asked me to try and address is the traffic and impact it is having on their daily lives.

“Even visiting these streets for a short period of time it’s very easy to see what is going on. They simply can’t cope with the demands of modern day traffic.

“It’s very apparent at any given time, particularly on Westland Terrace, that it’s only capable of allowing one vehicle through at a time. “

Colr. Duddy said the issue was one that was also comprising the safety of children accessing play facilities in the area.

“There are also concerns about the safety of children using the Jon Clifford Bull Park with laarge vans and lorries getting caught in traffic and are having to reverse to ease the flow right outside the park gates,” she claimed.

“Party activists have collected letters from residents calling for a one-way system and I will be handing them into the Department for Infrastructure this week.”

One local resident who spoke to the ‘Journal’ said it was a “nightmare” and that the traffic problem needs to be resolved.

He said: “It’s got really bad over the last few years with traffic gridlock on these streets. Anything bigger than a family car and there’s problems. There is not a day goes by that there are traffic jams on Westland Terrace and Westland Avenue. It’s not rocket science that it needs to be a one-way system here.

“Drivers have to reverse out onto Westland Street which at timescan be a hairy experience with the speed and volume of cars going up and down that particular road; we simply shouldn’t have to do it.

“We also now have to deal with city centre workers parking their cars in all the streets around the park all day and that is also having a negative effect on myself and my neighbours. If you leave the house for half an hour and come back you may have to park streets away.”