Open-water Swim Challenge in Garten

Five keen Donegal athletes have put together a new swim challenge, and are calling for swimmers in Inishowen and in wider Donegal to participate.

The all new Gartan Swim Challenge will take place on Saturday August 15.

Keith McClean, Karen Crawford, Paddy Bond, Mark McCollum and Mark Loughridge swim together regularly at Gartan, and came up with the idea of the challenge to get across the many benefits of swimming.

Keith McClean said, “Swimming has something for everyone, for those who are fit, those who wish to get fit, and is great for you no matter what age you are.

The Challenge accomodates every level of swimmer. A 750 metre course is available for those who wish to try the open water, a 1500 metre course for the more adventurous, and those aspiring to test themselves in a long distance swim can participate in the 3.8 kilometre course.

You must be over 14 for the 750m challenge and over 16 for the longer distances.

The organisers want people to have fun, and hope that the challenge will become a regular sporting event in Donegal in the coming years.

Look for ‘The Gartan Swim Challenge’ on Facebook for more information andenter at from today .