And finally…

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Finally, here are a few ‘random’ thoughts, as young people say.

A time capsule was found in the foundations of the former Gwyn’s Institution in Brook Park. At the time of writing the capsule hadn’t been opened.

Gwyn’s was established in 1840 as a home for orphaned boys after wealthy John Gwyn from Muff left £40,000 to build and run the grand building in its magnificently landscaped grounds. In more recent times it was a war zone after the British Army moved in.

The Victorians were great ones for putting time capsules into buildings. Unfortunately Gwyn’s wasn’t old enough, just pre-dating the Great Famine, for a capsule to be of enormous historical significance but it’s still interesting.

Then, Rory McIlroy had Niall Horan from the pop group One Direction as his caddy for the golf at Augusta over the weekend. Last year he had his girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki as his caddy, so that should be less distracting for him. Personally, I’d prefer the distraction to the golf.

Finally, finally, here’s an appeal to Sinn Féin. The DUP say they have a plan for, Northern “Ahland” as the First Minister calls this place. It involves selling their souls, presumably, to David Cameron. The DUP’s Nigel Dodds says in an election broadcast, “Sinn Féin won’t turn up”. Please, please Shinners couldn’t you keep your policy of abstention but find a way of turning up just for that one vote for a government. It would be worth it for the craic.