Andrew Quinn - Only a Game? - Ridiculous Rio and his tweets

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So the world of sport is full of sexists? Well, isn’t it great that we can depend upon self-appointed defender of women’s rights, Rio Ferdinand, to make sure no one steps out of line.

We all know what happened when Andy Gray and Richard Keys said what they said so let’s draw a line in the sand. Although I think what happened the former Sky Sports duo was a little harsh, their comments were tasteless and just down right stupid. However, when I discovered that Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand had tweeted, twittered or whatever the acceptable verb is online that he thought Keys’ and Gray’s comments “prehistoric” I just thought to myself what a hypocrite.

Ferdinand said: “I’m all for women refereeing in football, discrimination should not happen in our game at all... prehistoric views if u [sic] think otherwise.”

This genuine statement of disdain comes from the same man who, allegedly, along with two other Premier League footballers filmed himself having sex with women in a hotel room in the Cyprus resort of Ayia Napa in 2000.

If that wasn’t enough to put into question Ferdinand’s grasp on reality and sincerity, he got himself into another spot of bother when he called BBC Radio One DJ Chris Moyles a “faggot” live on air in 2006. Realising his error of judgement the ever so eloquent Ferdinand said: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m not homophobic”, after Moyles had jokingly suggested he was homosexual.

We all say and do things that sometimes conflict with our actions of the past. Everyone should be allowed the chance to change but to publicly criticise others when your own past is not fine and dandy is just deplorable.

What’s going to happen next? Will Jose Mourinho start having a go at other managers for a boring style of football? Will Wayne Rooney start looking down on players who posture for an increase in wages? Maybe, just maybe, Dwain Chambers will chastise the next athlete found guilty of using an illegal substance.

The other thing that really annoys me about Rio Ferdinand is the fact that he embodies everything I’ve come to despise about social network websites.

Not only do these social network neo-fascists make you feel odd for not ‘socialising online’ they fell compelled to put everything that has happened to them online and share it with the rest of the world. Whatever happened to down the pub or over a cup of tea?

Unlike millions of other people, who, I might add, I reluctantly inhabit planet earth with, I have managed to resist the conformity that is FaceBook, Twitter and Bebo. In short, it’s just not for me but I don’t judge others because they chose to like, poke or dislike.

The people who I regard as friends are in my head and don’t need a virtual list comprising of hundreds of people to keep me abreast of who is the latest ‘friend’ to appease my insecurities.

It’s not right for me to say that websites like Twitter and FaceBook have no positives but they do encourage people to believe that everyone’s opinions counts. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but not everyone’s opinion is a valid one.

Who cares if someone has made a lasagne, gone for a walk or is sitting on the toilet? Who cares if some clown in Derry thinks that it’s cold outside? Newsflash, the vast majority us don’t give a toss about what you think or what you’re doing so why don’t you crawl back into whatever self-indulgent cave you emerged from?

Rio has plenty of money but his riches will never be able to buy him a modest personality. I fear I’m in for years of his pontificating and I’ll have to watch with frustration as he repeatedly takes the moral high ground even though he has no right to be there. Like my hero of the silver screen Tony Soprano once said: ‘whatever happened the strong silent type?’.