Bring back Professor O’Sullivan

Tánaiste and Foreign Affairs Minister Eamon Gilmore, according to reports last week, wanted Dr Richard Haass to have another ‘go’ at the parades’ issue but, being a sensible man, Dr Haass declined.

Meanwhile, a loyalist community worker in Belfast rang Stephen Nolan on the same subject. He talked about, “Haass and Megan”. The glamorous Harvard Professor O’Sullivan seemed to have made quite an impression on the prominent Loyalist. Dr Haass only got “Haass” while Professor O’Sullivan got the more familiar “Megan”.

Maybe the name “O’Sullivan” is hard to say. After all, it’s obviously Irish. Just as the “D” word (as in “Derry”) is too hard for the MP for Coleraine and Limavady to say, maybe the “O” name is similarly tricky for Loyalists. Well OK, just about possible, but unlikely!

It sounded like an old story from The Hole in the Wall Gang.

Staunch loyalist Uncle Andy is totally opposed to a cross-border exchange between An Garda Siochana and the RUC until he discovers that the Garda officer coming north is a very attractive Ban Garda.

So, maybe we should ask Megan to come back.

You can image how it might work. “No borr, Megan love, we’ll cancel the parade and you and me can relax with a wee drink,” some tough loyalist might say.

Unless, of course, Professor O’Sullivan made a good impression on account of her intellect.

Now I am being silly!