Bring on the tinsel - for one last Santa fest!

Can we talk about it yet? Seeing as the lights are getting switched on tonight and the end of the month is approaching at the speed of light?

We’ve even had our first smattering of snow, and there’s no doubt the weather has taken a turn for the Baltic.

The songs are playing in the shops. I am already panic buying wrapping paper and trying to remember what I asked Santa to bring for the wains. (And trying to remember where Santa might have put his haul!).

The shops are already manic. I ended up queuing in a well known Waterside store for a good 20 minutes on Sunday just to buy a teeny tiny and very cute Santa dress for my one and a half year-old niece.

I have had my first instance of being stuck in a queue at Crescent Link for in excess of half an hour while trying to get out of the car park on Saturday and I’ve bought a stockpile of cinnamon scented candles for the house.

There is no doubt that Christmas isn’t really that far away, and with the speed with which the weeks are flying in, before we know it we will be sitting down to our Christmas dinner (which reminds me, I must order the turkey).

What I am trying to do this year, which I have failed to do in every single one of my Christmas experiences to date, is to enjoy the run-up as much as the day itself.

Sadly I have my very real suspicions this will be our last Santa Christmas for the boy - and while we still have the baby of the family to enjoy that magic with for another few years, I want to cram in as many special memories as possible for our son, who is growing much too fast.

So I won’t be able to say no when he wants to go to the lights switch-on, even if the rain is pelting down and I’m tired from work.

We’re planning a special trip to see Santa soon too (thanks Groupon!) and between now and the big day I want to cram is as much pre-Christmas planning, enjoying, cuddling-on-the-sofa-watching-Christmas-movies-ing as possible. It’s for him, of course, but for me just as much.

When you are staring down the barrel at a Christmas without Santa the build- up cannot start too early. Bring on the holly and the ivy, the twinkling lights, the sweet voices of innocent children singing Christmas carols.

Christmas should always be a season of goodwill, not just a single day when the world over indulges before getting back on the treadmill of everyday life.