Derry 2.0 - The Big Social Media Challenge

Last Friday we announced that Digital Derry had been challenged to help promote the video Pride in Our City as part of the Sharing Stories film project. The aim is to use free social media tools to help promote the short film, made locally in association with the Nerve Centre.

The film uses the 2011 Gay Pride Festival to explore gay rights, human rights and what it means to be gay in Derry in 2011. At the time of writing, we’ve notched up over 700 views on Vimeo, another 250+ on Facebook and another 100 or so across this site and others.

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

Posted the video to Vimeo at YouTube would usually be the first option but the video is a bit too long for that so we chose Vimeo as the next best option, making sure to create useful tags.

Created a Facebook fan page (just search for Pride in Our City)

Contacted a few key people, posted it in the Digital Derry group on Facebook and popped a few tweets out

Even this low key starting point has helped get us to over 1000 views, the aim now is much higher and we want to involve you in the process.

If you would like to help us promote this video, get in touch. Quote Request: Digital Derry Festival

As part of our aim to support the creation of 100 new digital companies in the city by 2015, we will be hosting a major digital cultural festival in late 2012 and again in 2013 as part of the City of Culture 2013 celebrations.

We are seeking quotations for the development of a brand identity, promotional collateral and a festival website as detailed in the quote request document. Our preference is for the works to commence in December 2011 and must be completed no later than the 31st of January 2012. Responses to be received no later than NOON on Friday, November 25th, 2011.

You can download the quote request at or via the Digital Derry website

The Culture Company and Digital Derry are hosting an open brainstorming session to help generate ideas for the main City of Culture website as well as apps and other digital projects that may be developed. It will take place in Ebrington on December 3rd, 2011 from 11am onwards. This is your chance to help shape the 2013 web presence and ensure that it’s as good as it can be. We’ll provide plenty of food and drink and, if you want, publicise your details as a thank you for helping out (so you can get some good karma back). Rather cunningly you may also get an insight into the kind of projects which City of Culture could end up tendering for over the coming months. The session is open to any professional web developers, app developers, designers, UX designers or general techies that want to be involved - but .you must contact us first so that we can keep an eye on numbers. Email if you would like to come along. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Nagurski is Derry’s Digital Champion. You can contact him by email to or by visiting