Doc’s Prescription - Leading the line

Manchester United's Wayne Rooney.
Manchester United's Wayne Rooney.

While most of the summer debate in soccer has centred on transfers, the re-instatement of Wayne Rooney to a No. 9 at Manchester United could have even more effect than a new arrival.

Rooney has been praised for his ‘team’ ethos having operated in midfield, behind the main striker and even playing ‘out wide’ but he clearly prefers to be the ‘main man’.

Despite being used all over the pitch for the sake of the team over the past three seasons, Rooney has still managed to score 16, 19 and 14 goals respectively, no mean feat for a non-striker in the Premiership.

However, the last season he operated as the central striker was back in the 2011/12 season, a campaign which saw him net 34 goals.

Playing him up front will not only help the team but it will almost certainly see him become United’s all-time recorded scorer. Currently on 230 goals, he lies just seven behind Denis Law with the man at the top, Bobby Charlton, leading on 249 successful strikes.

Rooney also believes that United will hit the ground running this season after last season’s disastrous start having amassed just 13 points from 10 games.

Premiership defenders have been warned - Rooney the striker is back, possibly with a vengeance.