Does Peter Robinson read Hamill's Beat?

One joint first minister, Martin McGuinness reads Hamill's Beat. He has told me so. Does the other joint first minister, Peter Robinson, also read it?

Mr Robinson recently gave the Assembly a lengthy exposition of Mr McGuinness's remarks on partitionism. He told MLAs: "For republicans, partitionism, I think, is defined as the practice of advocating the removal of the border but behaving in a manner which reinforces it. And it is usually used, incidentally, as a term of abuse to other nationalists."

A week earlier this column explained: "The term 'partitionism' has always been used as a criticism of those in the south who pay lip-service to the ideal of Irish unity but who are smugly comfortable with a 26 county republic." Unionist politicians, read and learn. As I say, don't "misunderestimate" (as George Bush would say) the influence of this column!

Getting airports in a twist

It's easy to mix up airports. Ask Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary. The Sunday Life recently reported: "Flights in and out of London City Airport resumed yesterday after a passenger plane crash-landed on the runway." The only problem was that the headline said: "Heathrow reopens." For the benefit of infrequent travellers, Heathrow is in west London and London City Airport is in the east, convenient for Docklands.