Eamonn MCann - Time to abolish ‘Arthur’s Day’


I don’t want to come across as a spoil-sport, but “Arthur’s Day” should be abolished.

by Eamonn MCann

The occasion was seemingly dreamt up in the London office of a PR company hired by Diageo, to make money from the Irish.

It seems to be going well....

Diageo is the world’s biggest booze company. Its most brilliant marketing wheeze has been to take over products associated with specific countries with a view to using the particular national culture to brand its wares.

As well as Guinness, it already controls world best-sellers Johnny Walker, Smirnoff, Hennessy, Moet &Chandon, José Cuervo tequilla etc.

Diageo especially targets younger users to market the event.

Hence the emphasis on popular music.

Diageo has billions.

It’s hard to blame bands for taking part. But on “Arthur’s Day”, any song they sing is reduced to a jingle.

Unseasonably early I know, but - “bah humbug!”