Eamonn McCann - Time to decriminalise drugs

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I see that PSNI deputy chief constable Judith Gillespie has just qualified for the fainne, certifying her competence in Irish. I wonder are there badges for accomplishment in investigation of complaints?

In Belfast two years ago Ms. Gillespie spoke at length with members of the O’Donnell family as they described their experiences at the hands of a particular group in their neighbourhood and, as they saw it, the flat-out refusal of the PSNI to protect the family.

According to the O’Donnells, when officers did respond, they tended to join with the alleged harassers rather than protect the victims.

The story the O’Donnells tell is scarcely believable. Except that they provide remarkably detailed evidence to back it up.

Ms. Gillespie listened to everything they said, then promised that she would investigate and, as promptly as possible, get back to them. The O’Donnells say they believed her. “She sounded genuine.” But since then, nothing.

Now that she has successfully completed her Irish course, perhaps Ms. Gillespie will have time to look into this matter. Maybe she will contact the O’Donnells to reassure them she’s back on the ball. In Irish or English, they won’t mind.