Editorial - a good indication of things to come

The announcement that the Clipper Round the World yachts are planning a return visit to the city next year is significant in terms of the legacy of the City of Culture celebrations.

While 2013 is by no means over yet - as the city gears up for what is likely to be the biggest event of the culture year, Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann - it is encouraging to know that the celebrations will continue into next year.

It has long been said that the City of Culture has to go beyond 2013 and leave a positive and lasting legacy for all of the people of Derry and lead to an improvement in everyone’s quality of life.

The fact that the Clipper, a high-profile event which many others cities across the world would be delighted to stage just once, is returning to the city shows that Derry is now established as a significant event venue on the international scene.

Of course, creating a positive legacy that will make a real difference to people’s lives goes beyond such flagship events and is an altogether more difficult task.

That said, it is a clear indication that the opportunities presented by the City of Culture celebrations are not being allowed to pass by.

While headline events will ensure that Derry remains in the international spotlight, attention must also be focused on the day-to-day events in all areas of the city, particularly the more deprived areas, to deliver on the promise of 2013.

Those in charge of the task of creating and securing the legacy of the City of Culture celebrations now need to step up their efforts to ensure that Derry has the capacity and, perhaps more importantly, the facilities to stage high-profile world class events in 2014 and in the years ahead.

Now that we have established our own little corner on the world stage, we do not want to leave it any time soon!