Editorial - Complete disregard

When an armed group masquerading as republicans attempted to drive a van containing four live mortar bombs into the city centre on Sunday night they showed complete and utter disregard for the citizens of this city.

Such actions have no place in our society but to bring these homemade and potentially lethal weapons into a built-up area was an act of sheer madness.

Had they reached their intended target, whatever it may have been, these devices could have gone anywhere, causing untold damage and possibly catastrophic loss of life.

While this is shocking, the fact that these unrepresentative and misguided groups should show such scant regard for the people of this city is hardly surprising.

Time and again it has been demonstrated that the overwhelming majority of people in this city, and indeed across Ireland, have no support whatsoever for what their groups are doing.

In their empty rhetoric apologists for these violent fanatics will no doubt claim that they are somehow acting in the name of the name of the people. Callously putting the lives of thousands of people at risk tells another story however and shows how empty their claims are.

The interception of these deadly devices by the PSNI suggests that it is they, not those addicted to pointless militarism, who have the support of the people.

The ground is narrowing for those who seek to impose control by violence and it is time they realise this and go away for good.