Editorial - Completely and utterly wrong

Once again the grim spectre of gun violence has returned to Derry with the murder of a man in the city centre.

In scenes most people had thought (and hoped) were consigned to the past, a family were plunged into tragedy by murderous thuggery.

Over the next few days claims and counterclaims may be made in an attempt to justify the unjustifiable.

Whoever was responsible and whatever possible motivation they may claim, the simple and indisputable fact is that there is and can be no justification for murder. It is wrong. It always was and will continue to be.

While such incidents are rare in this city, a brutal gun murder carried out in the heart of the city centre in broad daylight will strike fear into many.

The people of Derry must let it be known, with no equivocation, that such heinous crimes are not carried out in the name of any community. This can be done by assisting all efforts to ensure those responsible are brought to justice.