Editorial - From the rooftops

The city received a welcome boost yesterday with the news that a considerable amount of money is to be spent to market Derry’s City of Culture celebrations.

There is no doubt that we have a unique and impressive programme of events throughout the year which had already attracted the attention of people both in the city and further afield.

First and foremost, the City of Culture designation is all about celebrating everything that is good about Derry and improving the quality of life for all its inhabitants, but it is also about promoting and sharing our many attractions and in order to do that it is essential to attract visitors.

Delays and foot dragging by officials at Stormont notwithstanding, £400,000 has now been awarded to promote the city.

This is a welcome development and this money, and hopefully more, can now be used to tell the story of Derry to the world.

Given the wide spread of the city’s diaspora across the world, together with Derry’s position on the news agenda through the decades, we already have a platform on which to build.

As well as that, there is a united, cohesive voice, representative of all shades of political opinion coming from the city calling for that story to be told. The individual versions of that story may differ but that only adds to the rich narrative.

We should be shouting from the rooftops about what we have to offer in this city and those in power must provide the funds to support that.