Editorial - Lights shine on a city transformed

No one can doubt that Derry is a city that has been truly transformed in recent years.

The words ‘regeneration’ and ‘transformation’ are often overused but Derry certainly has more cause than most to boast of change.

The events of the last week in the city are clear and undeniable examples of the positive developments.

Scenes of some of the most recognisable places in the city bathed in light and transformed into open air artworks were viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, not just locals and the many who visited the city over the last few days, but also many more who looked on from around the world.

As well as the city centre and firmly established locations on the tourist trail, Lumiere also shone its light into areas of Derry which do not always see visitors.

This is proof positive of the benefits of the City of Culture celebrations reaching out into communities and making a difference.

The hugely successful weekend of events, combined with the Turner Prize finale placing Derry at the centre of the contemporary art world, was one of the most successful weeks of 2013.

While the City of Culture celebrations will be hard to replicate, it is clear that there can be no going back for Derry.

Expectations are high for the future and the challenge now for those in positions of responsibility is how to meet the growing demand for further change.

Plans have already been revealed to keep the momentum of 2013 going in the years ahead but more must be done to ensure that everyone is in agreement about the practical steps which need to be taken to ensure the possibilities and the opportunities of this fantastic year are exploited to their full potential.