Editorial - Out of the darkness

It can be hard to access the pace of change when it is happening on your doorstep.

Momentous occasions don’t happen often and the small, often tiny steps forward can easily go unnoticed.

It is worthwhile, therefore, to take a step back on occasions and take stock of the situation.

This is definitely the case with the peace process and the changes it has brought to our society in the North over the last 15 years.

With every minute detail of talks, developments and breakthroughs examined in almost forensic detail, sometimes it is difficult to see the progress.

That is why an event like the Bright Brand New Day initiative, pioneered by Derry clergyman Rev David Latimer, is so significant. It offers an opportunity to reflect and celebrate on the huge leaps forward that have been made in recent times.

In a society that places such huge - an often divisive - importance in symbolism, such events provide a chance to use this shared community trait for good.

The construction of a beacon in the city centre will provide a physical monument for all of the good work that is carried out, much of it behind the scenes, towards the goal of a better, shared society.

Importantly, it is not some sort of self-congratulatory gesture or something to mark the completion of a piece of work.

It will act as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to move out of the darkness of the past and to create a bright, brand new day for all the citizens of this city.