Editorial - Setting out our stall

We are continually being told of the importance of attracting investment into the city from abroad.

Alongside this, we are told of the huge opportunities that exist in the city for foreign investors.

While there is no doubt the city has tremendous potential and would be an excellent location for investors to bring much-needed jobs, it appears that we may be selling ourselves short on the international market.

Over the last decade a plethora of reports, plans and visions for the future of the city have been compiled and, at times debated. More recently the One Plan for the regeneration of the city aimed to bring all of these documents together into one cohesive, dedicated route map for the development of Derry .

The value of this document, the first of its kind to receive the support of the Executive at Stormont, is not in doubt but it is not suited to attracting inward investment.

It is ideally suited to improving the quality of life of the city for those who live in it but a new, specifically tailored plan to attract potential investors is needed.

Experts in this field have said it needs to be a brief, to the point plan containing no more than five bullet points outlining Derry’s unique selling points.

We have so much to offer in this city as a location for investors but they need to know that. All of the hard work identifying Derry’s attributes has already been done; all that remains is for those involved in the promotion of this city to bring it together into a concise sales pitch to showcase our unique offering.