Editorial - The people have made their choice

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Following the positive announcements this week about the legacy of the City of Culture celebrations the people of Derry should have been excitedly looking forward to the future.

Instead, in the face of such positivity, a tiny unrepresentative majority tried to drag the city back into the past.

Those who were behind the disgraceful attempted bomb attack on Strand Road PSNI station, during which the lives of local citizens were placed at risk, have no part to play in the future of Derry.

The attack came just hours after six members of the Stormont Executive visited the north west announcing positive news for the benefit of everyone.

These ministers, from all parties, are working hard to improve the quality of life for all of the people in Derry.

No-one can deny that the City of Culture celebrations have brought a renewed sense of energy, hope and positivity to Derry, not to mention the very significant economic benefits. Community leaders in this city, and political leaders in the Assembly, have clearly demonstrated their commitment that the prosperity and possibility brought about by this year will not be lost and will continue in 2014 and into the future.

If, as could well be the cased, the attack was carried out as a reaction to the multi-million pound investment and legacy projects announced by the ministers, it is a clear indication that these extremists, who espouse no ideology other than violence for the sake of violence, have no interest in the future. As such they need to call a halt to their futile, albeit potentially deadly, activities and clear the stage for those who are serious about, and are actually delivering on pledges to create a better society for everyone.

The people of the city have already made their choice on what kind of future they want. Their voices must be listened to.