Editorial - The rebirth of our city

Easter is recognised throughout the world as a time of rebirth and renewal.

The sense of rebirth goes beyond the religious significance of Easter and can be seen in the seasons and in the natural world.

It is particularly apt in Derry at the present time with all of the efforts to regenerate and redevelop the city.

The pace of change is often slow and it is usually visitors to the city or those who have been away for a number of years who notice change more readily than locals, but the dramatic changes that have taken place in the city in recent years cannot have gone unnoticed by anyone. These days, tourists and locals alike often comment on the sense of excitement and opportunity in Derry at the moment, brought on by the City of Culture celebrations and the ongoing drive to regenerate city.

While many of these changes have been cosmetic in nature and have not yet begun to address the deeper social and economic problems of the city, they nevertheless have created a new atmosphere; one which makes it easier to move forward so that it is not just the fabric of the city that is improved, but the quality of life for everyone who lives here.

Change does not happen on its own however ad must be nurtured and encouraged by everyone.