Editorial - Uniting communities

The long-awaited shared future strategy outlining the Executive’s plans to deal with our divided society was published yesterday and has already generated considerable comment.

The plans, entitled ‘Together - Building a United Community’ have been talked about since the creation of the power-sharing institutions at Stormont.

Ironically, during that time the plans have given rise to arguments, disputes, and recrimination as representatives form the two traditions, and even factions within those traditions, have sought to state their case.

The fact that we have now reached a stage where the strategy has been published speaks volumes about how far the relationships between those traditions has progressed in recent years.

However, publication is one thing; implementation is another.

The strategy is impressive in its cross-cutting approach to tackling the divisions which clearly still exist in the North.

It demonstrates a united approach from the both Sinn Féin and the DUP but it will also require the support of all parties in the Assembly if it is to achieve its goals.

Scoring cheap political points by attacking the plan will not further its aims.

Sectarianism and division cannot be legislated out of existence and the task must not be left solely to the politicians.

They have laid down their plans, now it is up to everyone else to play their play in building a united community.