Editorial - What do they ever do for us?

‘What do politicians ever do for us?’ is a question often heard in communities across Derry.

The most commonly heard answer, apart from those given by politicians, is ‘not a lot.’

While this may be a fashionable response and suit certain agendas, it is not strictly true. Granted, there are times when the squabbles and bickering of our elected representatives dominate the headlines but these mask the day to day work which can often go unnoticed.

This week Derry and the north west has benefited from that day-to-day work with the announcement of almost £10 million to fund new sport and leisure facilities and employment projects across the city.

Alongside that, planning approval was given to major developments in the city, all of which would enhance the local economy.

This is the kind of work we should be seeing from our representatives, of all parties, on a regular basis instead of the seemingly endless point-scoring and arguing that often passes for politics here.