Everyone’s an expert on Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy pictured at this year's Open in Muirfield.
Rory McIlroy pictured at this year's Open in Muirfield.

Okay, he didn’t make the cut at the Open but I have to admire Rory McIlroy.

McIlroy carded a second-round score of 75 on Friday and finished this year’s Open with a score of a 12 over par; the world number two tied for 117th place.

Yes, this year’s performance is a far cry from the time that McIlroy stormed to claim his first major in 2011 but he’s a human being at the end of the day.

Whilst I don’t think there’s anything at all wrong with wondering what has caused McIlroy’s form to dissipate I believe it to be totally insensitive, ignorant and nonsensical for people who barely even know him to offer advice and instruction.

Earlier this year, McIlroy switched from using Titleist equipment to Nike. It was a decision that earned McIlroy £78 million but it’s come at a huge cost.

Since switching to Nike, McIlroy has struggled and he even admitted after a disappointing US Open that he was finding getting used to the new clubs difficult.

It’s quite alright for people to suggest McIlroy’s decision to switch to Nike was a poor one but what is not acceptable is for golfers and golfing fans to blame McIlroy’s recent poor form on his girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki.

Two time major winner, Johnny Miller, did just that this week when he described tennis player Wozniacki as a distraction.

Now, I don’t know about you but if McIlroy is in love and enjoying a happy relationship with Wozniacki then who is Miller or anyone else for that matter to suggest she is the reason why his form has dropped?

It really does beggar belief. I would have thought if you were happy off the golf course then surely you are happy on it.

Let’s just say that neither the Nike equipment nor Wozniacki are the reasons behind McIlroy’s slump in form. What is it then?

We are not entitled to know everything that goes on in Rory McIlroy’s life. Just because you are a multi-millionaire sports star doesn’t mean you are any less likely to experience some of the awful things life can throw at us from time.

Take your pick. McIlroy could be experiencing something that we are not even aware of so it’s unwise for people like Johnny Miller and Nick Faldo to stand up on the soap box and pontificate about someone they barely even know.

It’s a trait that is becoming prevalent. In an age where society is obsessed with celebrity, people, rather bizarrely, become experts on people they have never met.

A little information can be a very dangerous thing at times and perhaps people, Miller and Faldo included, would be better advised to get their own houses in order before castigating others.

Every time he steps out on to the golf course the pressure put upon McIlroy to deliver the goods is severe and it’s precisely because of this that I admire him.

A lesser would have buckled under the pressure and given up but not McIlroy. Despite his poor run of form, despite the fact the world and his wife are willing to offer him life advice and despite the pressure, he comes back fighting every time.

McIlroy will bounce back and people like Miller and Faldo will require rather large face cloths to wipe the egg from their faces...