First rate journalism

There is plenty of reading in I have to admit that I had my doubts about the project at the beginning, but some of our best writers are writing for the publication now, including Alex Hijmans.

You will have noticed that he does not have ’Mac’ or ‘Ó’ in his surname: he is Dutch. As well as articles in magazines and newspapers, he has written three books and a couple of plays in Irish. Before he moved to Brazil, he worked with Foinse, with Radió na Gaeltachta and TG4. Irish learners are going wrong somewhere…

In the current edition, Alex says that there are three problems that we have to face up to this year: the question of refugees. ‘Is the way Europe has tackled (or not tackled) the problem of the steady stream of refugees from the middle east and Africa not disgraceful?’; the question of terrorism- particularly this year when the Olympic Games and the European Football Finals are being held; the question of the environment: ‘The sea is rising, the desert is expanding. We must listen to the voice of the earth.’(This reads beautifully in Irish.)

Alex recommends the train, the bus, the bicycle and the electric car. (You could add walking to that!)

He questions the future of the nation state, and this gives rise to an interesting on-line debate.

In the same edition, John Walsh reports on Catalonia after the Spanish elections.

Póilín Ní Chiaráin says that politicians are under pressure in this election year.

There is much more in, than politics, thank heaven. They can put a news item on the website almost as soon as the event takes place. There is sport and humour in as well. The site also uses video. If you have not already seen it, don’t miss the President’s Christmas and New Year message, read beautifully, in excellent Irish. It is a masterpiece.