Full of life, full of music

It is festival time again! The local committees deserve the highest praise for the enthusiastic voluntary work that they put into preparing for the big events.

Muff Festival started last Friday. Young people made an outstanding contribution to this year’s programme, with television games and other ‘cool’ events. Various aspects of the local cultural life were on display, for example traditional workshops, a photographic competition, films, the historical walk, and, of course, music.

There were three bands in Friday’s parade. The Muff Youth Band was there: the community is very proud of these young people who put in so much time practicing and entertaining. We also heard the Buncrana Accordion Band, who contribute year after year to the festival. I was working as a steward and I had to walk with St. Mary’s Pipe Band, Limavady. I met the band leader, Brian McWilliams. He is an enthusiastic Irish speaker and he told me all about the band- in Irish, of course. I hope the other musicians won’t mind if I give a little more space to Limavady! Their turn will come. The Pipe Band was founded in 1992. They are extremely busy. They were bound for Dunloe on Sunday. They will be going to Edinburgh this month to take part in the ‘Pipefest’ and they are looking for support in their effort to gather money for local cancer charities. You can hear the band on YouTube. Google St. Mary’s Pipe Band Limavady.

There was a céilí mór in the marquee in Muff on Sunday Night. There was a big attendance and again the dancers and singers showed how much talent we have in the area. Music was provided by the local Cottage Céilí Band who put in a powerful performance.

The festivals provide a platform for local organisations and events. They are an essential part of community life.