Game is on!

There’s been very keen interest from Ulster Scots groups in becoming involved in 2013. Already dozens of proposals exploring various aspects of the heritage, from music to dance and literature, have been submitted.

And last week Culture Company convened an Ulster Scots Working Group for 2013, consisting of reps from the Ulster Scots Agency, the Ulster Scots Academy (DCAL) the University of Ulster, the Arts Council, the NI Film Council (Ulster Scots Broadcast Fund), the Ulster Scots Community Network, and Derry City Council.

The Working Group hopes to ensure that the immense contribution of Ulster Scots writers and musicians is remembered and celebrated – along with the considerable contribution made by the diaspora, particularly in America and Canada.

While nothing is set in stone, expect a number of ground-breaking new dramas, books and possibly films – along with dancing championships, pipe band competitions and keynote lectures.

Spoiler alert: according to Michael McCullough, director of the Ulster Scots Agency, plans are already underway to host a special Burns Day concert featuring the Ulster Orchestra at the Forum in January. He revealed this after the meeting with Culture Company on a Radio Foyle interview.