Getting time to myself amidst the madness

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and the shops are filled with gifts, cards and presents, all designed to thank mums for their hard work.

But if I had a choice this year I think I’d choose a few hours of ‘me time’ rather than the ribbon-wrapped packages on offer.

And I think most mums would agree.

A study out this week revealed that mums get just 17 minutes to themselves every day.

That sounds about right.

Most days in my house it goes a bit like this - breakfast, getting two wee ones dressed, one out to playgroup, another down for a nap, dinner prep, endless loads of laundry, playgroup pick-up, colouring in, jigsaws, changing nappies, bottle washing, dinner served three ways (normal, mashed/chopped up, puréed), book reading, bath times, tidying up, ironing - need I go on!

My youngest is just eight months and since I’ve had her I’ve only read about three books. This may sound a lot but I’m an avid reader, and in that time pre-children I would have devoured at least eight or nine.

Reading is probably the one thing I miss most about being a mum.

I’ve gained so much, of course, and my children are incredibly good fun, and I would never be without them.

But, that said, there is no doubt that I get less time to myself.

This week my mum, who I could not be without, bestowed upon me two full empty hours with nothing to do. I hibernated in her house rather than my own, otherwise I would find something that needed washed/organised/fixed.

And I replied to text messages, read some emails, read some of my book, tweeted, generally faffed about.

It was simply bliss.

Of course, I had to get back to the real world and my own house which currently resembles a gathering place for all things brightly coloured and made from plastic.

So, yes, some time somewhere away from the madness would be just lovely.

Thankfully, I have a break planned. Three nights in England next month visiting old university friends, my brother and his new baby due any day now, and a MS (Multiple Sclerosis) conference where I’m speaking about - yes, you guessed it - pregnancy and MS.

But the irony is, I’m already dreading leaving my girls. I know I’m going to miss and worry about them.

Good thing they’re with their dad - who does almost as good a job as me!