Hamill’s Beat - Beware of Greeks bearing ballot boxes

The global economy is teetering on the brink. Capitalism could fall into the abyss below. The pyramid schemes run by worldwide ‘markets’ have been exposed and their house of cards could come crashing down around us. There’s no hiding place either inside or outside the European Union, or anywhere else.

It’s a blow to human vanity to see those clever people who thought they could create endless wealth by conjuring up ever more complex financial instruments, brought low. For the Greeks, it’s a ballot box in one hand and a financial catastrophe in the other, to paraphrase Danny Morrison.

It’s more than a bit scary. The more investments you have the scarier it’ll be, so personally, I’m not too worried. As in wartime, the best advice is to keep calm and carry on. The only other piece of advice I can think of is to beware of columnists overstating things or bearing silly platitudes.

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