Hamill’s Beat - Do you watch the Downton soap-opera?

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Downton Abbey is a TV soap-opera.

It’s like Corrie except it’s in period costume and its stories are even more improbable.

Take, for instance, the upstairs/downstairs romance between Lord Grantham’s chauffeur and his youngest daughter.

Chauffer Tom marries Lady Sybil and the happy couple head off to live in Dublin. Tom is an IRA man.

In the War of Independence he’s burning English aristocrats out of their big houses in Ireland. Then he goes on the run and seeks sanctuary back in his father-in-law’s even bigger house in England. Of course the police don’t bother to look for him there. Meanwhile Lord Grantham puts in a good word for his IRA son-in-law with the British Home Secretary.

Then, the day after Tom returns to Downton, his aristocratic and pregnant wife, Sybil also arrives back from her brief sojourn in Ireland, complete with an Irish accent.

It would all be too ridiculous for an ordinary soap-opera.