Hamill’s Beat - ‘Nordie’ attack is typical partitionism

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Partitionist attitudes in the south are becoming more common. While we want divisions to weaken, the opposite is happening. Prejudice against “Nordies” is getting stronger.

“Adams is a typical Nordie hypocrite,” screamed a headline in Dublin’s Evening Herald. A link to the offending article had been forwarded by the Beat’s ever watchful Dublin correspondent. (That’s the journalist daughter Gillian, by the way.)

The article is a venomous attack on “Nordies” Gerry Adams, Tom McFeely and Peter Darragh Quinn. The attack is used to justify the notion that all Nordies are hypocrites.

Adams decided, “What the people of Louth needed was his own brand of political expertise in Dail Eireann. As if things weren’t bad enough in Dundalk,” says the article which doesn’t have a by-line.

“Another of Norn Ireland’s finest is scumbag developer and convicted terrorist Tom McFeely,” says the piece. It refers to an interview McFeely gave as, “a masterclass in confused victimhood,” before adding, “And did he express any contrition for the poor residents of Priory Hall? Have a guess.” (Priory Hall is a Dublin development built by McFeely that doesn’t comply with the building regulations.)

Peter Darragh Quinn “swears allegiance to the GAA but then toddles across the border and takes sanctuary in the Queen’s territory when it suits him”.

“It’s bad enough having to share the same jurisdiction with the Corkonions, [sic] but Nordies? Nein danke,” concludes the piece.

Isn’t arguing from the particular to the general a classic logical error? Or as Gillian puts it, “OK it might be a bit of a p-take but still!” Anyway, what’s wrong with Cork onions?