Hamill’s Beat - The cat fight at the Tory conference

“Catgate” at the Tory conference re-ignited the row about human rights.

In her speech, Theresa May, the Home Secretary, mentioned an illegal immigrant from Bolivia. She said a judge had decided Senor Camilo Avila couldn’t be deported because he

had a pet cat called Maya. Then, Ken Clarke, the Justice Secretary, mocked Mrs May for making a “parody” of a court judgement.

What’s wrong with saving a man because he has cat? Cats are people, too, you know. We have to be considered like everyone else. Who would have looked after poor Maya had her owner been banished? And if Maya had to go to Bolivia who knows what her life would have been like?

Ah, well, at least Journal readers won’t be de-prived of this column while I’m here and Nor-man can’t be deported while he’s looking after me. Come to think of it there may be great opportunities here. Anyone looking for a feline friend urgently can get in touch. I’d love to help.

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