Hamill’s Beat - We’re all sick of the ‘flegs’ row

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You’re probably sick of hearing about “flegs”. Relax, I‘ve little more to say about the row.

The idiocy of some protest ‘leaders’ tends to prove the old adage that, “Whom the gods would destroy – they first make mad”. It might be funny if it weren’t so sad.

By the time this appears in print we’ll know if controversial loyalist, Willie Frazer’s “sarcastic,” as he called it, demonstration outside the Dáil went ahead.

He planned to take three bus loads of protestors to Dublin on Saturday to demand the tricolour be taken down from Leinster House.

Then he was told the flag wouldn’t be flying that day anyway. You couldn’t make it up! What doesn’t go up can’t come down.

Anyway, most people in Dublin couldn’t care less what flag flies, or doesn’t fly on Belfast City Hall.

From Dublin it’s off to Glasgow on Saturday 19 January for the next away fixture.

This time it’s to be a protest outside Scotland’s deputy first minister’s office.

Nicola Sturgeon is in charge of arrangements for the Scot’s vote on independence and according to one protestor Ms Sturgeon “is forgetting her history and needs reminding we’re standing firm with Ulster as we have since 1912”.

Why do we hawk our squalid quarrel all over the place as if anyone should care who is king of our wee castle?