I must learn how to change a flat tyre

The door bell sounded late on Saturday morning as I sat at the computer putting the finishing touches to a wedding sermon.

Opening the door I was greeted by the familiar face of our parish secretary. She immediately explained how she came out after morning Mass only to be greeted by a flat tyre. Thankfully I was only asked if the phone could be used to contact a garage. As our secretary rang for help I went and offered my considerable expertise to the small group who were forming a huddle around the stricken car. Being Easter Saturday the phone in the garage had simply rung out.

The tyre seemed to be attached by a large bolt in the middle of the wheel and I thought surely you needed some special tool. Within a few moments the sacristan came back with his specialised equipment. Now a hammer and screw driver weren’t what I had in mind. I tried to hide my concern but our poor secretary looked around the assembled group with a look of fear which seemed to suggest ‘surely you’re not going to let him loose on my car with those.’

Already I knew I was out of my depth and the crisis seemed to be under control thanks to a parishioner and the sacristan.

I was still supervising from a distance as the sacristan told the secretary to start the engine so the wheel could be turned at an angle.

What happened next would technically be described as brute force and ignorance as the wheel was hammered out of its position.

With the drama slowly being resolved I decided my services could be dispensed with and mentioned how the door of the house was open should they need anything.

Many encounters in life force people out of their comfort zones as they are confronted by the unfamiliar and the strange. So when we are challenged by what we don’t understand how do we make sense of the world around us. Who do we turn to for comfort and peace?

It’s never too late to turn to God and ask for help or healing.

During this Easter season when we celebrate the immensity of God’s love and mercy we find Jesus over coming all the barriers we create through our actions and words.

Jesus wants to reassure all his brothers and sisters that he had been sent to reveal God’s compassion and mercy. It’s interesting to note that we come to believe in the resurrected Jesus in the midst of the Christian community. Thomas who had been absent for Christ’s first appearance only comes to believe in the Resurrection when he encounters Jesus in the company of his brothers and sisters. Likewise for all disciples we can only fully come to believe in the presence of the Resurrected Christ in the midst of the Christian community.

For where two or three are gather in Christ’s name he is there in our midst.