I ‘Will’ take that job offer

Prince William will start his new job in the spring.
Prince William will start his new job in the spring.

I think I want Prince William’s job description.

This week, Kensington Palace announced that His Royal Highness will join the East Anglian Air Ambulance flying both day and night shifts.

I’m not saying I want to be a pilot. I usually require wine before taking to the air so I would foresee numerous issues with this and me being in charge of a helicopter,

But the contract that comes attached to Kate Middleton’s other half’s new role sounds very, very appealing.

He was quoted this week as being “excited and motivated” by his new role.

Some days, like most of the working world, I find it hard to stay permanently excited and motivated.

While I enjoy my work, the other bits of being a functioning member of society - and a woman - mean that the to do list is a constant struggle to stay on top of.

However, if I was Prince William, that would all be taken into consideration.

As expected, the Daily Mail treated Wills’ new job news very much as if he’d donated all of his internal organs to charity. ‘William the P.A.Y.E prince’ their headline screamed.

They detailed his shift work. He will start work at 7:00am and some days at 4:30pm, they informed readers. ‘HE WILL PAY TAX!’ The Mail also proclaimed - failing to say that he’s really paying the tax to his own family.

He will then donate his post tax salary to charity.

There will, of course, be arrangements made to free him up as and when required to take part in royal engagements. I get the impression this means more than the annual leave allowance afforded to the rest of us.

But the real clinker was the worry in some sections of British society that he would have to put off being a “frontline” royal until he is 35.

A few things struck me thinking about it all. Firstly, if that clause could also be included in my contract to “free me up” as and when required to, say, host garden parties and fly away for the weekend, or have visitors over, I’d be seriously grateful.

But also, I can imagine that my motivation and excitement would increase tenfold if I knew I could essentially retire at 35 and that a life of travelling and relaxing at home with the family lay ahead of me.

Then I wondered about the random guy in his thirties in middle England with a wife and a young family who might have needed that £40k job, and not as a token gesture where he gives his wages to charity.

I don’t really think about the royals all that much. Maybe there’s something I’m not quite getting.

If so, you’ll have to excuse me. It’s a long way from Sandringham and royal engagements that I was reared.

I had to grow up and get a real job.