If unionists want to gain respect, they also have to give it

image from BBC
image from BBC

Too many unionists still don’t get it. Things have changed.

The Orange state has been dismantled. Both main traditions are represented in the Stormont Executive.

If unionists want respect they also have to give it. Respect is a two-way street.

Protesters at Woodvale Park in Belfast held up signs saying how unwelcome Lord Mayor, “Martin Miller” was in the park. If the Lord Mayor wishes to have the Irish name, Mairtin O Muilleoir that’s a matter for him. ‘Translating’ his name into English reveals a deeply disrespectful and badly out-of-date mindset.

Do you remember unionists and even DUP people telling us that they wouldn’t be happy until the IRA was purely a commemorative organisation? Well, now it is and they’re still not happy. Isn’t the Orange Order largely a commemorative organisation?

Why did so many unionist politicians stir things up about an IRA commemorative march in Castlederg?

They no longer have power to prevent marches they don’t like and it would be better if they were to get used to that. Isn’t it an own goal for politicians to pick ‘fights’ they can’t win. Those who understandably find a Co Tyrone commemorative march distasteful and hurtful would be better advised to hold their noses and ignore it.

Victims and relatives of victims can hardly be expected to respect their former tormentors but they do need to get over the fact that their representatives no longer get to decide who marches where.