Indiscipline so costly for Celtic in Paradise

Danny Lawson/PA Wire.
Danny Lawson/PA Wire.

Sometimes one gets a feeling after just a few minutes as to how a match is going to proceed and so it was - or should have been - with the Celtic versus Barcelona game last week.

After five minutes I was actually convinced that Barca just wouldn’t score on the night as they passed the ball around superbly but without a hint of danger. I felt the game even then had draw written all over it.

Of course, when a team has as much ownership of the ball as Barca, then massive concentration and discipline is required to keep them from scoring, yet Celtic seemed to up for it.

Maybe Celtic were tiring slightly in the final quarter and this allowed the Catalans more scoring chances, but Scott Brown’s sending off tipped the scales in the visitors favour.

Barcelona looked relieved at the final whistle and happy to take three points from the Glasgow adventure.

The sporting media are in ‘love’ with all things German since Bayern Munich’s Champions League triumph last season.

The media went into overdrive or should that be ‘hyper-drive’ over Munich’s victory over Manchester City.

Of course it was a great result and the German and European champions don’t look to have too many weaknesses, but it wasn’t anywhere near the level of performance the media would have us believe it was.

After all, take away Joe Hart’s blunders and it was a fairly even game, so though the Germans are good I’m not yet convinced they are the real deal.

Pep Guardiola is a superb coach and will obviously want to mould Bayern into his style of football but that will take time before signs of a slightly different approach can be seen.

The coach will not be able to turn the super efficient Germans into a cavalier style Barcelona, but a combination of the two different styles would be complex but very, very potent in my view.